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Divorce Decree

The Divorce Decree is a document issued and written by the court. The divorce's terms and conditions are established and declared by the court. The judge's signature appears on the divorce judgment. The Divorce decree is then submitted to the proper agencies, such as the County Clerk of the County. Of course, the decree is filed in the same area where the divorce was issued.

Foreign countries frequently require an apostille for a divorce decree as proof that you are not currently married. In some cases, extra paperwork for verification may be needed, such as a birth certificate with an apostille and/or a background check.

The county court where the divorce was filed has an office of vital records where you can receive a divorce decree. A divorce decree may be picked up in person at the court clerk's office or requested to be mailed to your address.

Apostilles for divorce decrees can be very challenging. Only someone with experience and understanding of the apostille process should prepare these important documents. With our experts, you will save your time and money. Contact us to learn more.

Divorce Decree

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Divorce Decree Apostille FAQ

What is a divorce decree?

A divorce decree — also known as a judgment of dissolution, or divorce judgment in some states — is a document that certifies the legal end of a marriage. It's issued by a court when a divorce is final.

What is the difference between a divorce decree and a divorce certificate?

A divorce is first and foremost regarded as a record. A record is comparable to a marriage certificate, birth certificate, or death certificate. Keep in mind that it is a binding contract. If one marries by submitting a license application, one may legally divorce if necessary. The terms "divorce decree" and "divorce certificate" typically refer to the same document but use different terminology. Surprisingly, certificates and decrees are only present in a small number of states.

Why do I need to apostille a divorce decree?

You need to apostille a divorce decree because some countries want to make sure you are not married. That is why they would ask for your divorce decree to be apostilled from a country that is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention. You could be required to submit more than one document such as a birth certificate apostille, a background check apostille from the FBI, etc.

Can I apostille a divorce decree outside the state of issue?

No. A divorce decree apostille can only be processed through the state of the issue. So, if a divorce decree was issued in Nevada, then this divorce decree can only receive the Nevada apostille.

Which states are able to apostille a divorce decree?

All 50 states are available to apostille a divorce decree. However, it can cost you much time and money. We provide secure and reliable services for apostille processing. Our company works with all U.S. States and guarantees that your documents will be safe and successfully processed.

What is the Hague Apostille?

The Hague Apostille is a simplified procedure that has the same purpose as legalization and is applied between the States party to the Convention of 5 October 1961, which abolished the requirement to legalize foreign public documents. All EU Member States, including Spain and Ireland, are signatories to the Hague Convention. Countries of the European Economic Area are also parties to the Convention.

How to apostille a document in New York?

The New York Secretary of State provides an Apostille to authenticate New York public officials' signatures on a divorce decree and other documents to be used outside the United States of America. You can also apply for a divorce decree apostille online on our website:

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You can apostille a divorce decree in these states
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    Nancy Westland
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