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Proof of Residency Apostille

Are you attempting to obtain a long-term visa or dual citizenship in a country that is party to the Hague Apostille Convention?

Have you been required to apostille your Utility Bills (Water & Power), Gas Bill, Home Phone/Wireless Bill, Driver's License, Passport, and/or signed Affidavits to demonstrate your U.S. residency? India, South Korea, China, Austria, Greece, and Switzerland are the countries that commonly ask for these documents. Please be aware that the Hague Apostille Convention has members from over 117 nations.

It is necessary for your documents to be signed and notarized in order to apostille them. Ask the persons or country requesting your documents if you are unsure about the kind of documents you need to apostille. Please be aware that some documents must be apostilled in the state where they were originally issued. A Texas driver's license, for instance, needs to be signed and notarized there. Birth, marriage, death, and other vital record documents can only be apostilled in the state in which they were issued. Documents for vital records are not notarized.

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Apostilles may be challenging. Don't trust this technique to untrained workers or unqualified individuals who are unaware of the Apostille procedure and the particular needs of several countries. Your paperwork can be turned down, which would cost you time and money. Be awared!