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Apostille for South Korea

We remove the guesswork from getting an apostille on your documents for South Korea at Visa Express, Inc. Our well-informed staff is ready to assist you with your inquiries and provide you clear, step-by-step directions.

You will be asked to obtain an apostille on your documents whatever you are planning to do:
  • Move to South Korea
  • Teach English in South Korea
  • Work in South Korea
  • Getting married in South Korea
  • Continuing education in South Korea
  • Obtain a Driver’s License in South Korea

From our experience authenticating thousands of documents for South Korea, the most common documents we process are:

FBI Apostille for South Korea - The FBI background check will be requested by the government of South Korea with an apostille. The first step, if you haven't already done so, is to get in touch with an authorized FBI Channeler who can help you get your FBI background check.

Academic Records Apostille for South Korea - The requesting country will need that your records be authenticated (signed and notarized) by the school's registrar if you attended a school (High School, College, University, Trade School, etc.) in the United States and intend to work or continue your study there.

Driver’s License Apostille for South Korea - In the state where it was issued, a driver's license must be signed and notarized. If your driver's license is from California, for instance, the color copy must also be signed and notarized there. You can ask a friend or member of your family for assistance if you are already in South Korea. A notary public may copy and certify a color copy of a driver's license in several states.

Power of Attorney Apostille for South Korea – Before being apostilled for South Korea, a power of attorney must be signed and notarized.

We can also apostilles any other documents such as:

To simplify the processing of your documents, no need to make an appointment or go to a physical location. Just mail us your documents through a secure tracked shipping service (FedEx, DHL, or UPS). In some cases we may not even need the physical copy!

Apostilles may be challenging. Don't trust this technique to untrained workers or unqualified individuals who are unaware of the Apostille procedure and the particular needs of several countries. Your paperwork can be turned down, which would cost you time and money. Be awared!

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