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Car Title Apostille

Car Title
We can acquire an Apostille on your Car Title - DMV Record, allowing you to sell or reclaim your vehicle from another jurisdiction. We can Apostille your papers through the Secretary of State or the Secretary of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC, depending on which state issued them (Federal Apostille).

Get your Car Title Apostille

If you are currently in the state where the car title - DMV record was issued, you will need to meet with a local notary who will copy certify your paperwork. Either the notary or you must prepare a color copy of the automobile title, to which the notary will attach a document known as a "Copy Certification." You must choose a professional notary with at least a few years of expertise. Any mistakes or delays caused by poor notarization will result in the document being rejected by the state, costing you time and money. You can also get help notarizing the record from your local DMV. A notary can go to the DMV to speak with an official.

How to get Car Title Apostille live in another location?

If you live in another location, you can send your car title And DMV record to our office for processing. We will have our notary in Washington, DC copy certify your documents and receive an Apostille from the District of Columbia Secretary (D.C.). There is no additional charge to get your document certified in Washington, D.C.

Apostilles may be tricky. Leave this process to inexperienced staff or non-professionals who are unfamiliar with the Apostille process and the specific needs of other nations. Your documentation might be denied, which would cost you time and money. Do not allow this to happen to you!