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Work Verification Apostille

A work verification letter, sometimes referred to as a letter of employment or evidence of employment, is a document used to confirm a prior or current employee's income and working history.

A letter confirming employment may also be known as:

  • Proof of Employment Letter
  • Income Verification Letter
  • Salary Verification Letter

This letter must be printed on corporate letterhead, signed by the employer, and notarized in order to receive an apostille. The signer can meet with a traveling notary if the employer doesn't have one on staff.

You might additionally need to apostille the following papers in addition to your letter of employment verification:

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Apostilles may be challenging. Don't trust this technique to untrained workers or unqualified individuals who are unaware of the Apostille procedure and the particular needs of several countries. Your paperwork can be turned down, which would cost you time and money. Be awared!

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