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How to Apostille a Diploma

You will be required to apostille your diploma if you intend to work or further your study in another country.

We apostille dozens of degrees from different American universities, colleges, and high schools each month. Your diploma must be notarized and signed by the Registrar before it may be apostille. The school's Registrar is the representative who may vouch for the legitimacy and authenticity of diplomas.

Diplomas issued by all 50 States and the District of Columbia can be apostille by our company (Washington, D.C.). You must get the apostille from the nation where your diploma was issued if it was issued elsewhere. Only if your school is located in the USA will we be able to help you.

For further instructions on how to apostille a diploma, please read on:

1) Make contact with the school's registrar and let them know you'll need an original or a color copy of your diploma notarized and signed. The Registrar will either request a color copy through email or the original via postal mail. Some institutions demand that you buy a new diploma. A traveling notary can come to the school and speak with the Registrar if there isn't a notary on staff. When it's convenient for the Registrar, you can search online and make arrangements for a traveling notary service to come to the school. It is advisable to leave the apostille process to us since most notaries lack the necessary experience to authenticate a diploma for a foreign country. For the State office to authenticate the documents, the notary must follow the proper notarial laws of their State.

We advise the school or university to help the notary by signing and notarizing the diploma's back. A statement from the registrar followed by the notarial wording is ideal.

2) Verify that the diploma has been signed and notarized after receiving your notarized degree. While some institutions have enough room to use the front, others will sign and notarize the diploma on the reverse. The documents must bear the Registrar's printed name and original signature, as well as the notary's name, signature, date of notarization, notarial phrase, and stamp.

3) Sending your documents to our office for processing by mail completes the process. For each US State, we have produced an order form for your best experience.

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Apostilles may be challenging. Don't trust this technique to untrained workers or unqualified individuals who are unaware of the Apostille procedure and the particular needs of several countries. Your paperwork can be turned down, which would cost you time and money. Be awared!